Nice work Alumina,

I think you are optimistic for 2013.... Cut production to 3 tpd in Aug and Sept and consider a plant shut down for 2 weeks in July!  

One other consideration is how many working days/week (or how many shift they will use for production) ?  If ORT produce 5 days/week, there are going to be about 240 working days during 2014 when you remove statutory holidays, week ends and a 2 weeks plant shut down during the summer. Under that set up, it gives 1200 tons during 2014 ( 240 times 5tpd).   It is very difficult (labor wise) to make production during the week ends.

I don't want to be a party p--per here, but it is how it work in most manufacturing plant.  When ORT will be able to sell 1000 t /year, i want them to  put in place "HPA2" right away to boost further production.