alumina1 has done terrific work concerning (newbies, seek out his posts for thoughts on short positions and ORT fundamentals, then continue your dd). I've learned quite a bit from him, and a few others here concerning short strategy and risk -- after wading through the ad nauseam REPLIES to bashers.


This, because shorting is a reality, and accepting this, I wish to better understand the strategies possibly employed. Shorting is as risky as going long. It depends on trends, etc. as going long. And no, one can't accumulate "infinite" losses as JF Tardiff used to spew, you cove/lose. A long can got to zero: BGM, TRE, ZNN, and a misery more...


Stay strong, know the story, man-up, and as always, don't let a single basher post go without forever responding because it is so helpful for someone's ego.