I'm Long.


Shorting is a reality. If one doesn't accept it then one's reality must adjust, or change the law, which has much force behind it. Unless TPTB instantly change it, eg. shorting banned in financials in some countries during GFC 1.


HFT is  a... (see above).


As ORT approaches production it will announce JVs, offtakes. This is not written in stone and has rightfully provided shorts with ammunition.


Morals are not in play in the market, almost every market, everywhere. By the way, whose moral system would YOU put in place!? Therefore, to paraphrase upndown, give your finger a rest, stop pointing and take responsibility.


A very interesting point concerning Sino Forest. Almost every, if not every analyst covering it had a buy to a strong buy on it.. This was a group-think and/or a clusterf***. BUT no one befor Muddy saw the fraud -- which is immoral and illegal.

I am LONG, I live well with this decision. I take resonsibility.