Good find vman...tal;k about a pumper ..this clown called 40.00 to boot.

Just proves my point....he's way under water and trading like a nincompoop.


Talk about a pumper


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Unless we get bought out, this stock will end up being well north of 10-15 bux..

given how many revenue streams the business plan has, this stock could easily see 30,40, 50 dollars...especially when investors around the world will have so few choices to realize these kinds of returns...and dont forget, canada is being touted as one of the ONLY true steady safe havens globally to invest in over the next coming decade.


orbite is a stunning example of a game changer ....will there be resistance to what they are doing? of course...will they be able to stop it? I dont see how.  

when revenues start to climb into the hundreds of millions and then into the billions, whose going to keep this stock down? it simply wont be possible.