1- HP-alumina with lowest cost, clean tech,  5N, 6N , multi-Plant strategy = more demand that they can produce.  Low capex, significant revenue growth. 


2- HP-Silica 3N and aiming up to 7N purity level;  HPA1 will produce HP-silica, so will SGA1


3- Lowest smelter grade alumina with 20%+ reduction in operating expense


4- LREE/HREE/RM dominant player outside China;  addressing the China monopoly problem;  CLEAN technology.  Phenomal quantity of scandium (7-8 times current worldwide production) and gallium for each SGA Plant using aluminous clay from Grande-Vallée.


5- Red Mud & Fly Ash business ; imminent results with customers / projects


6- HPA Plant = on track (see previous message!).