This Saturday, one of the largest crane in Quebec was on site and all large vessels were seen entered; parking lot was full.   These guys look to be definitely ahead of schedule.


Sources mentioned that all engineering staff from Montreal is mobilized; so, if staff is mobilized, it is because they are extremely close to start it up.   Equipment suppliers are in town as well from what I was told.


So, for Mr. Hykawy & disciples information: you normally bring these people on site ONLY once ready to start.


Individuals on the construction site mentioned that the commissioning plan is ready and Denis Primeau is leading the show.


It smells already on-going pre-commissioning, and very successful commissioning & smooth and gradual start-up. 





One of Primeau "quite related" experience:

QIT / Rio Tinto :

Design, construction, commissioning, and start-up of the original and largest HCl acid recovery plant in the world, as well as its first phase of expansion. Acid Leaching Plant / UGS Plant in Sorel-Tracy.


From Rio Tinto Fer et Titane website:


A new Product : UGS
The early 1990s were difficult for RTFT. A changing market and an uncertain economic climate had an impact on the company. The demand for titanium dioxide feestock from pigment producers using the sulphate process had dwindled, while the demand from producers using the chloride process was on the rise. RTFT was cut off from an expanding market, since its product did not meet market requirements. Moreover, fierce competition arrived on the titanium dioxide market, and several RTFT customers closed their plants following the collapse of the former Soviet Union.
In the face of this situation, the RTFT research centre rolled up its sleeves and developed the UGS process. This innovation enables the company to produce slaq of unparalleled quality, with a titanium dioxide content reaching 94.5%. Operations of the ultramodern UGS plant started in 1997. A $430-million investment, the UGS project was the largest construction site in Quebec during 1996 and 1997.

With this brand-new product, RTFT set out to conquer an untapped market, while maintaining its enviable position in the traditional titanium slaq market with SOR


Thinking big and looking ahead
An expansion project is underway for UGS [Phase 2] The company announces mining exploitation in Madagascar. Four years later, the first ship leaving Madagascar is loaded with 35 000 tons of mineral sands and arrives at the Rio Tinto, Fer et Titane metallurgical complex on June 11th 2009.