Orbite Aluminae Inc has developed a hydrochloric acid technology using up to date advanced process and hardware solutions. One of the advantages of the technology helping in energy saving is using pressure leaching to avoid pre calcination of ore.

The technology was initially developed for local Grande Vallée aluminium bearing clays but subsequently tested for other alumina bearing raw materials including bauxites, red mud and fly ash and tested at a pilot plant in Cap Chat.

By the end of 2012 company executes the project to convert the pilot plant into high purity alumina facility, while next step will be building first commercial plant of 550 kilo tonne per annum using this technology. UC USAL is partner of Orbite Aluminae in this project, also offering process improvements based on its experience and know how.

UC RUSAL is interested in application of new advanced technologies for alumina extraction from low quality alumina bearing ores located nearby its Siberian smelters. RUSAL is cooperating with Orbite Aluminae in the field of hydrochloric acid process development and implementation in large commercial scale.