French to Enligsh translation from Google. It is of utmost importance to specify more than 60% of aluminum in the world are currently operating at a loss, the price of this metal has dropped considerably without decreasing operating costs. Local production of Orbit ensure a direct reduction of the cost of the final product, aluminum, non-significant motivating factor for aluminum.If the speech Richard Boudreau brought a sense of optimism for job creation, the Chamber of Commerce sees an opportunity here to join together local decision makers to share a strategy, if not support, at least to review the entire project, the potential at labor, subcontracting and developments related to this industry.A roundtable to identify opportunities and to specify who should push and in what direction would be a valuable tool for the region in the case of Orbit Aluminae. Why not help a developer who wants to operate and grow with us? Benefits could go feed the existing businesses, encourage the emergence of new and contribute to the creation of stable jobs in the Bas St-Laurent and Gaspésie.Chamber of Commerce-Matane remains convinced that targeted lobbying strategy, a game plan involving key economic players in the MRC would be profitable in the medium term, provided that it works now.