Cayuga, I'm sure you're right.

Myself, a french Québécois, very nationalist, am half acadian since my father was from PEI. 

Having traveled all over Canada, I've rarely met with unfrienly behavior because I was a french Québécois (maybe partly because I spoke decent english, but mainly because most canadians are good folks).

I'm quite sure RB and Orbite will make many friends in NS, especially if they start up something here.

We should make sure to invite some folks from NS to our Cap-Chat party next summer !

And btw, I loved the Niagara region (and the wines) when I traveled there some years ago. Niagara Falls itself much too commercial,


Now let's plug everything together, start this baby and burn some shorts !

Have a good week all longs ! Bonne semaine à tous les longs d'Orbite !