This Country  is comprised of a lot of individual people from all nationalities and all provinces a family, we will always have arguments and disagreements,  we are blood..........and that is thicker than water. When one of us needs a hand, we are there for each other. Politicians with a bone to pick make the waters merky, but, without a doubt, we are all one.

People that want to complain about one province or another should  just leave the country if they are not happy with what they have, find an island and multiply.......we don't own this land, we are but here fro a short visit, make the most of it. there are billions of people that would love to be in Canada for all that we stand for. Nope it is'nt perfect, it never will, but it sure is a sight better than 90% of this planet. In the northwest territories, people are from all over the place, we have to get along, it's too darned cold not too!At forty below,with a windchill of - 52, stuck in a snowbank, you are happy to sit down with anyone and share a hot cup of coffee. You would all be surprized of what we all have in common in that situation and how apreciative you are of one another.

As for Orbite, whether French, Cree, Ukrainian or Japanese, they are a business. They answer to stakeholders and will do what is best to provide jobs wherever they find the resource and wherever they are permited to expand and conduct business. If you asked RB if he would entertain setting up in Yellowknife , Mars, I'm sure he would say... Yes. 

Petty points over geographical locations is futile. Orbite is in Quebec, Canada, soon it will be in every province if they can.........and what's wrong with thant? If Russia can invite them to set up in Siberia, the Jamaicans will as well. It's all about the business of technology, no matter where or with whom it is. period.


Thats it, Mass dismissed.