Actually the company is going to ns only because of the ressource... They will simply take from ns one of its ressource and then go away.  That is the type of treatment this province deserve for the way it's peoples act vs QC.  The company doesn't present itself as canadian but always as a Québec company anyway.  Company from Québec, created by french speaking peoples, with an innovative process invented by Québec french speaking peoples... This company has its roots in Québec and that wont change because they grow.

Honnestly, your post is sad and full with political ressentment, and this is not the place for it, please go to your local basher reunion and let loose, that will be the right place for this.  being intelligent just like being stupid has no language, no color and origins.

Sorry everyone, i never post stuff like this usually but this guy deserved it..  Orbite and all other mining company dont care about that political stuff, all they want is access to the ressource.

By the way I'm not one of those "bad" and "so dangerous" lol separatist from Québec but omg I understand them for wanting to leave provinces like ns in their narrow mind misery.

By the way, great companies with great ideas dont need the Canada "tag" to have success internationaly, this is valid no matter their province of origin, just look around.