Yes it is , for us mostly, some people here( longs) have hundreds of thousands of shares to play with as they please to accumulate and bounce things around. I, like many, do not have enough to do it with so , I wait patiently. Let's face facts though, if ( most of us) bought in at 50 cents, we could afford to do this and probably would since everyone knows this is not going anywhere until the cob webs have been dusted of and things are underway . We all would like this to move, but, it probably won't until NEXT WEEK!  ( lol)  or shortly thereafter ! .Unless some serious news hits us all upside the head, these are the facts for now. On the bright side, everything is looking possitive for this to get started, we are nearing the end of that tunnel and we can ses some light. I personnally would love to see a video of the original pilot plant, I'd love to see how many lines they've set up and what it looks like in there! Do they have 3 lines? maybe  4 lines? remains to be seen........A walk through video would sure make me sigh....It might even get some people talking