Ridgeback,,, you asked about wether Orbite will become more of a takeover target once production starts.

Takeover possibility is not discussed much on this board, probably because most longs see huge growth in the future and don't want to get booted out in the early stages.

I tend to agree with that but I also am facing the possibility that once this thing truly proves itself then the possibility of an attempted takeover will greatly increase.

If it happens it will attract more than just the usual suspects.

It won't just be the aluminium players showing up. It will attract all of the "who's who" in the mining industry.

I know it is a distastefull scenario for a lot of longs but just because a buyout is attempted does not mean that it would be succesful.

One thing it would do is put a stop to this rut that we are stalled in orchastrated by the manipulators.

I really don't want it but there might be some upside to it also if it happens to occur especially if it is declined.