Gegetrane, we've heard lots of poeple on this board say the Orbite is a technology story and that the market still treats it like it is a miner.  This development makes it clear that the market, to the extent that it sees things that way, is incorrect.  Orbite's technology is portable because the resource is widely distributed thorughout the world, and easily accessible.  I remember how I really didn't thoroughly get it when, replying to Jon H., RB said (in respect of the "natural gas objection" which had been seen as a negative share price motivator), we'll solve the problem by using another fuel or we'll build the SGA plant elsewhere where natural gas is available.  And now, of course, we see that there is a good chance that there will be cheap nautrual gas right in Orbite's Gaspe back yard, and IN ADDITION, the company is starting work to deliver on its promise of 10 such plants... and finding perhaps an even better mineral resource, in a different location.  The fact that the world is starting to see dirt as a resource worthy of the price of the Nova Scotia option (and purchase price, if exercised) as opposed to the $60 thou Grand Vallee expansion is evidence that the message is getting out... dirt is the new gold... but only if you own the process or can licence it.