Your comments are congruent with what was said bvy Orbite in the past, that is that the equipment that will be used was nothing new and that most was off the shelf with no to l;ittle modification required.

As we have seen, the delivery and installations, at face vale, have been progressing very efficiently and somewhat ahead of schedule.


It's been awhile since I worked in a refinery but what I saw in the past these filter presses were used in he last stage prior to material being processed in the flocculent tanks. They were used as a final stage to capture any metals material prior to waste being discharged to a holding tank setteling tank. What these filter presses can capture and squeeze out leaves about zero behind comes out as a cake like substance to be further refined.

Wine makers would love press this size?

In the case of Orbite yes they are useing off the shelf equipment and techniques proven for many years of in metals refinery plant processing. They just beat all the others at their own game while bi boys were sleeping content with existing processes. Orbite now takes the lead in this type of Aluminum refining from what I see just in pictures of course.