gegetrane wrote:


I really like these :

" A Quebec company hopes to build an aluminum oxide refinery in Nova Scotia that would cost upwards of half a billion dollars and could employ 200 to 400 people. "

“ Our vision is to build several (smelter-grade alumina) plants serving the northern Atlantic (area), including Quebec, the world’s third-largest aluminum-producing region ”

" Wightman said Orbite has already invested considerable resources in the project and has committed to employing local consultants and contractors. “People don’t do things like that unless they have some serious intent.”"

Link :


I especially like the statement, "People don't do things like that unless they have some serious intent."  I would say much the same regarding those companies that have NDA's with Orbite and have agreed to pay Orbite for a tonne (or more) of Orbite's commercial production of HPA in order to test it at that level and to make a final decision about going ahead with a contract (per MoneyCristo's communication with IR).