MoneyCristo wrote:


I was told that this is how it will happen by IR.

Shortly after shipping the first few tonnes, we should have a pr if NDA transforms to formal contract, client's name might not be divulged tough, but I was told that having a 1st HPA contract sales aggreement would be material and therefore disclosed. I was also told that these potential clients under NDA can process huge amount of aluminae in short period and therefore assess satisfaction or not very quickly soon after receiveing the goods from ORBITE, so once production start, it should not be very long before we know that we have a contract... and we will all know it.



These initial bulk samples sent out to potential customers are paid for yes?  (perhaps unlike lab samples)


If so, this is what I'm guessing to be the case:


Orbite has worked out this set of steps with some (hopefully several) companies that they have already sent lab samples to.


I could see the need (by customers) for long-term contracts to be based not on lab samples (although those samples might be essential for taking the next steps - agreeing to purchase bulk samples to test), but to be based on actual plant production.


It also looks like - with the tonnes being sent out (and paid for) to be processed by potential customers - that at one tonne per day during this initial phase, all of Orbite's production for the first month will then, technically, be pre-sold, such that their production should be kept alive (paid for) during that initial phase, I would think.


With such a small market, it looks like Orbite is working hard at customer relations, working hard to collaborate with them. If that can be accomplished, that good of a fit with Orbite's product and their customer's precise needs, I think that will go a long way to establishing Orbite's reputation for working with their customers. (I remember the CEO of Lynas and his interview with ProEdge hailing customer relationships - especially in very small "boutique markets," which is the case for both REEs and HPA - as primary:


Thanks, MoneyCristo, for sharing what you learned from IR...