Yeah, Orbite is in a very interesting position regarding REEs/RMs.  I think Scandium and Gallium are going to be the biggest deal for Orbite in the short-term, especially through the very first one or two or so SGA plants because they'll be able to supply such a large portion of the current market, whereas their production of especially the heavy REEs will be just a tiny amount relative to the overall market.  It'll be very nice to be one of the first to market outside of China, but it will still be a tiny amount, at least of the heavy REEs.


However, as Orbite grows to their full capacity of 10 plants in Quebec, along with other alumina companies, with potential REE byproducts, beginning to license Orbite's process, then, in time, those using the Orbite process will likely, in aggregate, become a very large producer of REEs/RMs, relative to the world market.  And they'll do so for what looks to be negligible additional costs.


The prices will likely come steadily down as more and more secure (and very cost-effective) supply comes online, but that's going to be awhile - at some point, though, if Orbite's technology is well adopted throughout the alumina industry - the number of plants will grow exponentially.


And I think once the first SGA plants shows itself to be commercially strong, then there won't be a problem with future financing (as was considered one of the big hazards facing a lot of current REE hopefuls).


So, an early, and at first, quite small and incremental addition to the REE space, but just give that a few years...  and I don't think the REE space will know what's hit them...