According to that same very reliable source:

- The ICSOBA Conference was the most important technical Conference of the year in the Alumina & Aluminum Industry.  All of the major players were represented.

See this impressive list of participants/delegates:

 Speaker Program:


- The two Orbite Aluminae technical presentations have been extremely well received by the major players attending the conference (Rio Tinto Alcan, Alcoa, Hydro (Norway), Chalco, Nalco, UC Rusal, Dubai Aluminum, etc.).  It looks like Orbite Aluminae is now very well accepted in the Industry, now part of the big family. 


- Orbite Aluminae technical credibility has significantly increased.  All of the top technical persons of the major companies were there and Orbite Aluminae could not perform any better.  Orbite's Chief Engineer Denis Primeau made very good presentations.  A lot of companies were taking notes including Rio Tinto Alcan, UC Rusal, Outotec, FLS, Bokela, etc.  People now seem to understand the significance of Orbite technology.


- Very close to a standing ovation at the end of both presentations.  The most welcome presentations of the Conference.  Also, Orbite Aluminae delegates have received many warm congratulations. It seems serious discussions were triggered following those presentations.


- UC Rusal presented right after Orbite presentation about the SGA, and UC Rusal's Andrey Panov spontaneously gave strong support to Orbite Aluminae SGA Project in front of more than 200 persons.  


- Everybody was talking very positively about Orbite and their technologies.


- Generated a lot of interest and positive momentum already in the hours following the presentations. 


- Presentations and the two papers presented will be most likely sent to analysts.


Two international Home Runs for Orbite Aluminae that will generate a lot of positive effects.





This went extremely well according to one very reliable source:

Members of the Orbite team will attend the International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium (ICSOBA) Symposium, which will be held from October 29 to November 2, 2012, in Belem, Brazil. They will notably make two presentations at the Symposium, the first on the Orbite technology and its application and the second on the economical remediation of red mud residue and the extraction of the value-added components it contains.


Combine this to the presentations to Institutional Investors in New York City and Boston plus the coming other events:

  • The Company has also been invited to make a presentation at Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Industry of Asia - Vision 2020, an international symposium hosted by the International Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Society (IBAAS) to be held from December 3rd to 5th, 2012, in Nagpur, India.


  • During the same period, the Company will attend the Mines and Money 2012 conference in London, England, and will make a presentation on Orbite and its technology during the Canadian Investor Seminar, held on December 2, 2012.


The word is spreading.


Success cannot be denied