"He effectively said ORT is not in season at the moment for him"

  In other words, he is echoing  the reasons of all other houses on bay street that have no risk appetite at this moment and would rather stay on the sidelines or play the hedging game as we've seen to no end these last 24 months.

All the time though the price has gone from 11 cents in 2010 to 2.75 where we stand now. 

  Now lets get this straight...does anyone think that this self serving  baystreet clown knows what he is talking about. Going from 11 cents to 2.75 since 2010 while the float skyrocketed in relative terms and he says it is not the flavor for him right now.  Looks like he missed something great on the menu back then...sounds like a little sour grapes to me know knowing what he missed out on.