I just had a thought... McWhirter said he does not own ORT at this time.  There is no question however, that he is very positive on it.  It strikes me that if someone who is very positive on ORT does not own it in his funds or personally, he is probably not alone.  I remember another guest on BNN some time ago saying she would rather wait and pay more.

These are incredibly positive indications.  It really does explain what McWhirter meant when he said $8 very quickly.  He, like many others (whom he could probably name) are waiting on the sidelines to see if the acid recycling works (I know it does) and when it proves out in the plant at Cap Chat in December, I believe that he  foresees a rush to get into the stock which will drive the price relentlessly and immediately to that $8 figure that he mentioned.  That's my take on what he meant.