In September, it took only 3 days (Sept. 18,19, 20) to get from 2.80 level to 3.93 peak, followed by approx. 27 days of shorting, starting with an organized flash crash attack on Sept. 20. 


But now it is a very different story: Shorts are in even worse situation than before Sept. 20 - increased their short positions by close to 3,000,000, which is very imprudent as we are getting closer to start-up, substantial amount of gas found next door, good news piling-up, Orbite technology and projects getting better known, etc.  + Shorts out of ammos + now looser (average short selling price - approx. 2.65 - is lower than share price) and this will increase rapidly if buying pressure is maintained.  All conditions for a Stampede that was just avoided last time, or at least a correction to much higher levels.


Also, Longs beware of flash crash (remove Stop Loss Orders and have Buy orders at a few percents lower than current share price with incremental volume as it goes down for example).


And be prepared and ready for some Short dumping and fight today.  Fundamentals are on our side, so benefit again from their efforts.  Short Interests will have to stop denying their own failure sooner or later. 


Not very wise to be short so close to Plant commissioning...


Total short positions, as of Oct. 15 (TSX & OTCQX) = 10,651,737




Without even talking about UC Rusal and Nalco that are in advanced d

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"Expect upward significant correction.


We are still on an upward trend with new low of 2.40 - if confirmed today. CONFIRMED

1.55--> 3.93 (with only covering of 178,142 short positions in the 1st 2 weeks of September)

2.40 -->6.09+++ (At least 2,542,949 short positions - as of Oct. 15, 2012 - added since peak to get this artificial pressure on SP and capping but also significantly increasing their exposure to SHORT SQUEEZE - imagine what just some covering will trigger)"