Without even talking about UC Rusal and Nalco that are in advanced discussions with Orbite, here is a summary to help capturing what Orbite business plan means so far:


1- HPA Plant (and Mini SGA Plant) currently being built.

  • Expected start-up: end of this year
  • Production: 1Q2013, 3 TPD (1000 TPY of high-purity alumina (4N to 6N) to be ramped to 5 TPD
  • Will allow to process (extraction & separation) LREE/LREE/RM for 3rd party
  • Scandium and Gallium separation confirmed
  • Orbite announced its intent to also produce high-purity silica (newly announced) *** additional revenues that could match HP-alumina revenues
  • Fully funded & de-risked


2- SGA Plant

  • Advanced/complete Engineering
  • 540,000 ton of smelting grade alumina
  • 1,200,000 ton of high-purity silica at 3N minimum (newly announced); at a conservative 2$/kg = 2.4 B of additional sales not accounted for (yet) in analysts reports
  • 1.3 M ton of REE/RM production per year for each SGA Plant
  • REE/RM extraction rates significantly higher than values used in revised PEA
  • BFS undergoing
  • Announced 20% opex reduction from PEA



3- HP-Silica = A lot of new revenues that are not yet considered.

  • Possibility to increase current revenues up to 300% for both HPA and SGA Plants
    • Using 3N-4N (99.9-99.99% high-purity silica) for SGA and 5N (99.999%) for HPA to come to this result.
    • Company is targeting 5N, 6N and even 7N purity levels.
  • 1,200,000 tons per year of silica to be processed anyway for alumina production (for each SGA Plant).
  • HPA to process 2222 ton of silica per year (directly from high-purity alumina production of 1000 ton per year)
    • Might have the option to process additional silica from external source with their Mini SGA Plant - e.g. 10,000 ton per year possible with only one truck load per day (30 TPD) of external silica.
  • Huge demand for HP-silica.


4- Orbite Aluminae is The World Leader (let's put it as it should be) in LREE/HREE/RM extraction and separation with a clean and efficient technology.

  • Ability to process on a commercial scale (extraction and separation) LREE/HREE/RM as early as next year (2013), 2 to 5 years ahead of anybody outside China.
    • China is now more and more aware of their environmental costs and detrimental effects on local population and wants help from rest of the world. Expect REE/RM to go up.
  • Can license its clean and efficient technology.
  • Will also become a very important producer of LREE/HREE/RM
  • Grande-Vallée aluminous clays do not present any concern of radioactivity as for other sources of rare earths.
    • A very good reason to use Orbite process on other aluminous clay resources.
  • Will be the World Top Producer of scandium oxide, with 60 ton per year per SGA Plant (6-7 times current worldwide production)
    • Opening the doors to several new applications in Energy, Material, Health etc. fields.


5- The lowest cost smelting grade alumina (SGA) producer and technology, especially now, with the outstanding additional revenue from high-purity silica.


6- The lowest cost high-purity alumina (HPA) producer and technology - with a clean /green technology on top of this.


7- Their Mini SGA Plant (that will be part of the HPA Plant) might be used to produce HP-silica, demonstrate process for various Red Mud composition, establish and validate process parameters for various customers and their specific ore or tailings to be treated.


8- Orbite Aluminae is offering a clean and economically viable technology for treating Red Mud or Red Mud residues accumulated over decades and decades of alumina production using the conventional Bayer process. *** Also recently announced their ability to treat fly ash.

  • Huge business (> 2.5 B ton of red mud accumulated worldwide)
  • Toxic residues can be now seen as valuable resources.
  • Responsible and clean behavior is now possible for Alumina and Aluminum producers.


9- Orbite technology can be used for producing alumina from bauxite, without creating red mud residues, and allowing to extract and separate several valuable materials. It is an excellent replacement to the conventional Bayer process.


10- Orbite is now traded in both USA (OTCQX/EORBF) and Canada (TSX/ORT), and part of 4 important indices:

  • Dow Jones S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index
  • Dow Jones S&P/TSX Global Mining Index
  • Dow Jones S&P/TSX SmallCap Index
  • Dow Jones S&P/TSX Clean Technology Index


11- Orbite has several patents granted in Canada, USA, Australia, China, Russia, and is having World patent applications, patent applications, provisory applications, etc. in several jurisdictions for a complete and comprehensive intellectual property protection.


12- Resources

  • Renewable 20-year mining lease granted by for the production of one HPA and one SGA Plant.
  • 1 B ton, as per current NI 43-101 but expect significant increase (Orbite has now 9x greater more land & claims)


Please add relevant items I might have forgotten.



No need to say Share Price is not reflecting at all what Orbite is offering.  It offers exceptional growth for the decade to come with building of several SGA and HPA Plants and licensing. 

Yesterday's pictures are showing that a World Class Plant is taking form and will be commissioned this month (November). 



Corporate Presentation:



Inside initial Pilot Plant that fully de-risked technology at full scale:

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Expect upward significant correction.


We are still on an upward trend with new low of 2.40 - if confirmed today.

1.55--> 3.93 (with only covering of 178,142 short positions in the 1st 2 weeks of September)

2.40 -->6.09+++ (At least 2,542,949 short positions added since peak to get this artificial pressure on SP and capping but also significantly increasing their exposure to SHORT SQUEEZE  -  imagine what just some covering will trigger)