Respectively, I appreciate your opinion even if

I happen to think otherwise. IMHO when the AMF and the enemies

of our disruptive technology managed to get the stock halted for no good reason 

even though the PEA was accepted by the TSX, if it were not for the Rusal

announcement which brought immediate world wide credibility to the stock,

I am not sure where we would be today knowing that Byron, Hykawy and

Maybe one or two other &$&@&$$ bags would have done far more damage 

than they were able to do. Rusal is the number one Aluminum producer in

the world. The fact that a company that has come from no where will soon be a  partner of theirs

is a remarkable achievement. to my knowledge, Rusal, for, now will not be involved at all in Orbite's 

HPA technology nor many of the other business technologies Orbite is carrying out

through NDA's. Having access to Rusal's technology is also another big plus for  Orbite.

Russia's great relationship with China and other Asian, Arab, North African etc. 

countries could be used by Orbite to further promote their business world wide. I believe

the deal with Rusal will benefit both companies  Immensely. Rusal was there for us

when others were trying to beat on us and they will launch the stock worldwide when the

deal is signed. You present a different perspective.  In a short time we will know who is right.

You might owe me a beer or I might owe you a beer. No matter what Orbite is going to make

history and lots of money for its shareholders. (IMHO). Best Luck to All