I'm a reader, not a poster.  But now I'm a poster with 6500 ORT long.

Just a reminder from Orbite's news of 12 April 2011 about the rarity of Sc..

"Scandium (Sc) is primarily used in aluminum-scandium alloys (between 0.1% and 2.0% of scandium) to make critical aerospace components and high-performance sports equipment (like the face of your golf driver - my comment). Scandium is also used in various lighting applications such as high-density discharge lamps and metal halide lamps/light bulbs. The prices for aluminum-scandium range from US$74-US$212 per kg. Scandium could thus deliver high strategic added-value to the Canadian Aerospace sector. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), prices of scandium oxides range from US$900 to US$3260 per kg depending on purity. Mostly a by-product of uranium and platinum mining, world production of scandium is in the order of 2000 kg per year. World consumption presently exceeds 5000 kg per year and is constrained mostly by availability."

The Sc that Orbite produces will very likely be in the higher price range - given their patented process.