I wonder how much actual resistance there is to the development and deployment of the Orbite process's. This thing was going along with great velocity and then it ran into a brick wall and and came to a crashing halt, eveything went wrong that could go wrong, the lies and the cost over runs, the deals that fell apart. All so very convienent and plausible, I just don't buy it. I think we are getting screwed over big time. Everytime they try and raise capital they never go to the shareholders it always hidden behind some friggin wall of baystreet bullchit that only seems to reach a select few investors that keep grinding it lower, screwing current share more and more.

And if there is one thng about Baystreet that is true is if they are going to really screw retail for the money they will make sure that retail is the bagholderof of choice not them. So how do we find out what is really going on,

why was the deal repriced again?

why did 2 million shorts drive the share price lower at a crictical time in the negoiations.

at a time when it would materially benefit investors that were involved in the "private" and I mean very private not for you peons private placement.