Orbite announces one offering months ago and all we get are changes and delays up until and including a day (WE HOPE) before the actual deal is put to rest. Glenn Kelly may have stopped the leaks BUT Richard's old habits, regretfully live on. Take for example the Glencore deal, Let me quote from an article in (June) Mining weekly by Henry Lazenby,

""We are definitely pleased to be executing our first offtake agreement with a company of Glencore's stature and experience in the alumina industry," Orbite COO Glenn Kelly said.

"The critical value of this firm offtake agreement is the length of time it is for, and secondly, with who it is with. Glencore is the pre-eminent player in the alumina market, and to have them on board is a great vote of confidence in the project," Kelly added telephonically from Montreal.

He (Kelly) told Mining Weekly Online that the SGA plant feasibility study, which had entered the detailed engineering and subsystem integration phase, was expected to be completed during the year (2013), with construction of the $600-million first phase of the first SGA plant expected to begin late in the year, or early in 2014, with completion by late in 2014.

After today's last minute announcement I am wondering if we will ever get  A STRAIGHT  REPORT OR TIMELINE FROM MANAGEMENT.