Sedar shows no results for Crede.
Orbite Sedar results:
A look at the final amended prospectus said something about the "warrant indenture." I looked through the prospectus and did not find such a document.

A  Google search of the term plus Crede turned up this result for Orbite from 11/8 regarding the preliminary short form prospectus:

"Nov 8, 2013 - Crede has also committed to purchase $10 million of Units under the ......For full particulars, reference is made to the Warrant Indenture."

The final prospectus does have this:

"The Warrants will be issued under and pursuant to a warrant indenture (the “Warrant Indenture”) between the Corporation 
and the Trustee. The following description of the Warrants is a summary of their material attributes and characteristics, which 
does not purport to be complete and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Indenture. The following summary uses 
words and terms which will be defined in the Indenture. For full particulars, reference is made to the Warrant Indenture. "

Earlier in the document it mentions that after signing, the document will be available on Sedar but gives no specific timeline.

So without seeing and reading the Warrant Indenture document, there is no answer to your question regarding possible "toxicity clauses."