I will explain again :-)

ONR is trading based on Peyto offer at .0696 PEY for one ONR


Yesterday Pey was trading at $22.35 x .0696 = ONR closed at $1.55 

Today Pey fell 4.25 % to $21.40 x .0696 = ONR closed at $1.49

If tomorrow Pey were to go up to $25.00 x 0696 + ONR will close at $1.74 

You like the PEY offer, management, projects, potential and dividend, then vote YES for the deal.

You think Pey SP will retract then sell ONR at the high of the day or vote NO and hope the deal will not go through


As I say before If the deal doe not goes trough ONR sp will probably go back to the $1.30's unless they come out with another gusher well now

Just my thoughts and always do your own DD.