If you are on the call tomrrow, suggest you ask about contingent reserves for the two offshore blocks plus undrilled but unidentified prospects, I expect you will be glad you asked.

Baring some unforseen event ,I  will be on that call. That said, I don't know that I will be offer an opportunity to ask question(s) given that said CC call is for Analysts, which I am not . And like you most likely , just a private investor. Hence I do not know if they will allow questions from the sideline audience , sort of speak?
As to asking questions about a specific field on or off shore, truth be told I am not at that knowledgeable level yet on this play and would prefer to do my own reasearch and load my gun before I go query about this or that, if you know what I mean.
I take note of what I think you are trying to express in terms of opportunities and your personal excitment about it, obviously you might have a leg up on me there - but for obvious reasons, if awarded the opportunity to ask a question or 2, I won't go there as I would in my opinion walk into a mined field (not knowning what I would be talkiing about) - just like I will NOT ask about OPL 321 and 323 hence kill their party day , querying about something that I  (and many I am sure) are FULLY aware off !
Certainly a great day and announcement for Oando Energy and Mommy Oando PLC that's for sure - I'll enjoy a taste of their Champagne, go mingled among the crowd, grab the fancy meal, cigar and cognac after desert - but will keep a cool head for tomorrow's CC and take my own time to analysze the overall benefit and finacial impact of it all.
Then again, that's just me.