2.00 is unstustainable because:

1. its cheaper to produce electricity from gas than coal ( coal electricity generation uses 19,000 trillion BTU) = 19 BCF of gas ( total US gas production is about 65BCF)

2. you can convert gas to oil 6:1 energy price ratio.  I mean if you build a plant to do the conversion at 50% efficiency you still get 60% margins. ( a south african company is already building this in louisiana)

3. Natural gas costs 16$ MCF in Japan, that 14$ more. the price of this commodity internationally is high, once export facilities are up (2014) its an entirely differnet market

4. Natural gas in cars, you can save 80% on fuel using natural gas at this price, Trucking companies that converted are getting their investment back in 2 years.

5. cost of production, it costs somewhere north of 4$ MCF on average to produce dry gas from shale, its differenet for every formation but 2$ no where near covers the cost of dry gas production.

so in the long term, i think NVA is a good investment, in term, who knows.