Nautilus meets NIP Governor, leaders

Post Courier

Nautilus Minerals President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Johnson was in New Ireland Province last week, where he met up with the Governor Sir Julius Chan and the Provincial Executive Council.

A briefing took place at the Kavieng Hotel last week Tuesday and it was the first high level meeting between Nautilus Minerals Limited, the developer of the Solwara I deep-sea mining project and the New Ireland Provincial Government.

“To meaningfully talk of development of any kind in New Ireland, we must involve our people, making sure of a win- win for everyone” emphasized the New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan during an open dialogue with Nautilus Executives.

The meeting marks a watershed in the relationship between Nautilus Minerals and the New Ireland Government.

For the first time Nautilus has at the most senior level addressed the issues and requirements of the Government and people of New Ireland.

The outcome of this meeting will see the establishment of a Working Group consisting of representatives from the company and the New Ireland Government.

The Working group will address many issues including, identification of a series of high impact projects that would benefit New Ireland, and particularly the people of the West Coast, with focus on road works and most importantly Bridges.

New Ireland Officials expressed concern that the project must be implemented with full care and due diligence for possible environmental problems and has requested Nautilus ensure safeguards are in place to immediately address any environmental problems.

The Working group will ensure an independent internationally recognized environmental specialist conducts regular assessments of environmental issues and review of the EIS.

New Ireland Provincial Administrator Amani Monovi concluded the meeting by saying;

“This has been a productive exchange, and the possibility that New Ireland could be at the forefront of technology is promising. As long as we continue through the newly established working group to openly and transparently consult, we can ensure that benefits are shared by all parties.”