It would be interesting post-Rights time.

The glut of cheap shares just entered to the market. Large shareholders will, probably, hold them, but what retailers will do?

On one hand, those who bought them believe that company worth more than .2, even with new heavilly diluted market cap. Of course, situation may change, some will need cash, other will see better opportunity, bad news or bad market condition may devalue the company. Excluding latter, .2 seem to be a new floor.

At the same time, many won't mind selling them if shares go above, say .28 and that creates the ceiling. So we are probably entering a long period of suppressed SP, at least until all settles and s/holders get used to new conditions.

Moderately good news (re-start equipment, new Tonga assessements) won't give a l-t boost, as long as volume won't be large enough, since there are many those who just waiting to get rid of NUS shares at more or less acceptable price.

What we really need is something big and sustainable, like PNG resolution, non-dilutive vessel financing, significant Tonga advances. Something that will attract large number of buyers.

Is it too pessemistc?