Quite long article (link on the bottom)

Secret negotiation round with PNG is over. Now, new proposal is submitted. It is up to PNG whether to accept it.

CEO apologizes to investors for keeping them (us) in the dark. The nature of negotiation (secret) dictated it. Considering the new info, it is not even necessary, still good taste.

Some one way back suggested that intellectual property might be the reason of the hussles. I dismissed it as "unlikely" and was 100% wrong - my apology. It is, actually, the main reason of the Solwara halt.

Now, we know that, though, issue is more complicated than it originally seemed, there work is done, there is willingness to compromise, at least from NUS point, and there is a progress (also with NUS only, but when/if PNG agree, that would be it).

I might change my personal position from "hold" to "buy", depending on market reaction and what I will thing after (positive) emotions will settle


P.S. I cannot believe that Bailey was mentioned again. Since he is self-proclaimed James Bond of mining do we have license to kill him?