Why did Gooden leave Nautilus? Was it in connection with Heydon's ousting?

Are Gooden and Heydon involved in this takeover attempt.


What is the whole purpose of this "campaign". The naive idea is that the scammers are pushing the price up in order to unload themselves. But wouldn't theu have finished unloading days ago. Are they doing the opposite. Trying to make it look like a scam, and then buying instead. Is it a way of creating liquidity from all those that expect the price to go down again after the scam is over. Are they trying to take over the company.


I must say that Bailey is right that NUS management has been somewhat incompetent. Why did they make an equity deal with PNG instead of a royalty/tax deal? And why are waiting for a law suit about $50,000,000. Every month this is delayed, we incur a "loss" of $100,000,000 in mining revenue. Roger's ousting confirms that some shareholders must find the management strategy misguided.


Someone should write a book about Nautilus in the future with all the details.