Yes his last release was quite coherent. Bringing back Malnic is interesting maybe Heydon should jump back in. I had a bad feeling in my gut when Heydon was let go and it has been all mainly downhill from that point. NUS needed a shake up no doubt IMO. Remember the 25 Million dollar drilling program in November 2011 (I think). Remember NUS decided NOT to release any of those drilling results after the program was completed. I have said this before and will say it again - they have had the worst Investor Relations program and News Release history of nearly any company I have ever owned. I remember I tried to call them in Australia and left a message for one of the Senior Directors. No return call so I emailed and left my number. Told him I lived in Spain. He called me at 3AM. I forget who it was but he had just been to Europe so he knew the time zone difference. Something needs to happen here. My first choice would be Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co. Ltd who they signed the Offtake Agreement with. By the way if you go back and look at the Agreement NUS agreed to "The Company will issue a bank guarantee to Tongling in three stages over nine months, which will not exceed approximately US$11.5 million, as a security for 50% of Tongling's concentrator investment costs commencing at the first order of major equipment." HA HA NUS has to put up money! In most of the Offtake Agreements I have seen the money flows the other way round. Don't know what Bailey is up to but I am fed up and glad that he has gotten involved. I suspect the Majors involved other than maybe MH Holdings (or whatever they are called) will do very little here and may be willing to take whatever money they can get and use the loss as a tax write off. Ellos no tienen pelotas.