After a few calls, I recently came into a small piece of information. According to a very reliable source (and no I cannot divulge any more than that), Neptune purchased over 40,000kg of Krill oil in December 2012 from International Nutrient Technologies, JT Naturals and Polaris (fellow suppliers), totalling approximately $6.5M.  Yes, this is very specific information; no, I would not believe it 100% if I was reading this post.  However, if true (and I believe it to be so), it means that Neptune found sub-suppliers of krill oil several months ago and has likely retained most of their customers through the resale of this oil.  What you do with this information I leave to the masses but I agree with the previous post (whether the supplier information above is accurate or not) that this appears to be a favourable time to add to a position in Neptune.  Good luck all!