Added a little more yesterday as I could not resist. There are a lot of tradings going on mostly on US side and we will be seeing these fluctuations for a while. Longer term picture is intact and I am confident that the company can pull it off. I know there are some investors who like to have continuous flow of news from the company, but I guess management is busy with other stuff right now rather than writing up a news release then paying some lawyers to check it out and send back for correction and then back to the lawyers and then release the news. As a public company they can't release without following certain procedures....Otherwise the out of work lawyers will be all over them to file suits.

Speaking about law suits, all of the recent ones are just B"S"  and it is the norm for these law firms as one files a suit the others smell the blood and do the same.They figure what the heck , they have lots of out of work lawyers any way so lets join in and may be they get something out of it.. It is not like actual investors went to hire them to file these suits.