So much of the intermarket data is either fake or controlled by computers and/or market makers.  You have this stock today selling off from a very early morning high near 4.80, which by itself is fine since that is normal, but once it stablizes to around 4.65, it only took very few shares (less than 6,500) to drop it to 4.58, before it quickly recovered in price on much heavier buying volume.  


What I find strange and this did not occur today but has happened recently is you can easily get quotes such as bid-ask 4.70/4.71 and then in a blink of an eye it can become 4.66/4.67 without any trading and there were bids at 4.67, 4.68, 4.69 before that occurred.  So obviously the market maker is likely reacting to data on the US exchange but who lined up all of those bids between 4.67-4.69 then?  Are all of those fake orders that get auto cancelled as soon as someone puts in an order then?  And I also noticed when you place a bid that there are some lightning quick algos that somehow jump in front of your order because they see it coming down the pipe and are solely reacting to your action.  Fair and transparent game.


Anyways, enough of these stock market rigged games.  Announce the earnings tomorrow and hopefully lets get out of this consolidation funk.  Stock now at 4.77 as I type up nearly 20 cents from the artificially set low of 4.58 ... what a joke of a game.