There definitively was some reporting trading platform issues that went out of wack late yesterday, before and after the closing bell [on the Canadian side only]. A technical glitch if you happens on the rare occasion. 


But it was good to see the US trading exchange acting properly, and Friday's US volume was the second highest of the year. The stock closed at $4.89US at the bell, but after hours trading drove the stock up to $4.96US on another 2 million shares. This US afte rhours "upward" momentum should be reflected on the Canadian exchange on Monday morning. 


Nevsun has a lot going for it, including a rising gold and copper price. And to put it into simple terms, NSU's projected cashflows over the next three years are higher than the great cashflow generated this year. And when the Technical Report comes out in the first half of 2013 for the North West Zone, it will more than likely prove up new reserves and production rates for 2015-16 and onward, further increasing cashflow projections. 


Sure, NSU may be phasing from a primary gold producer, to a primary copper producer, but the cashflow is increasing annually. 



Blessings all,