Can you imagine giving up the marketing rights (in certain areas of the world) to a potential multi-billion dollar drug by taking out a loan for 15% annual interest rate and if that isn't enough, sweetening the deal with warrants to buy shares in your company at historical lows?

Then characterize your relationship with the payday loan company or loan shark (take your pick) as your marketing and financial partner.

I know we currently are paying for two CFOs but please surely one of them knows how to fill out a loan application at a bank or trust.

Nuvo managment has a core competency for diluting ownership and doing so at the bottom of the market - look back and you will see that every opportunity to sell equity has come at low prices.We know that there was no US stock listings or funds waiting to buy shares even after falling 50% from the RS point - IT WAS ALL A PLOY TO ISSUE MORE SHARES and TAKE ON MORE CRIPPLING DEBT