Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

My point was that your "question" was FAR to polite.  and I am not interested in their lies and fairy tales of imaginary US institutional investors -there are NONE, there will be NONE.  Why? Because NO smart investor would put good money into a company with management who is controlling the BOD !!!!

ESPECIALLY with the failure after failure after failure !

Synera?  $4M. gone.

.........and they continue to give themselves INSANE compensation and bonuses for a laundry list of utter FAILURES.

I demand the conflict of interest with Mgmt on the BOD.

I demand they return the undeserved bonuses.

I demand that they cease and desist from taking ANY further loans until the chop the size of management.

I demand that they stop taking non voting shareholders as a vote for THEM.

I demand that they return some of their salary that is based on a phony consultant report.

I demand that they resign and that we get new management and a new board -and that they NOT take any compensation for resigning like the half wit CFO did last year.

This "company" is so mismanaged it's hard to know where to start with these clowns.