You need to have been a Director of a Company that you took into receivership. When you're selected then bring in a friend that was also instrumental in the company filing protection, something like Copeland is to London. Interesting that the company's that both these clowns worked for had filed for protection. I always thought that it was pecular that they didn't have pharma experience and were selected but the selection commitee got it all wrong. They picked two guys that could drive a company into receivership. When you pick a team, surround yourself with incompetants so you secure yourself. Mr Dombranoski helped bring his income fund to receivership and needed protection. When you can't run a business - get a Board of Directors position. It's hard to find good people to work with you. Hey, anyone could make a mistake like whoever selected John and Dan. We don't hear from members of that selection commitment too often.

I wonder why Dan and John changed their audit company but decided to stay with Radford. Maybe didn't like some of the things the previous audit company was bringing out? Who knows for sure but London and Chicone have every reason to like Radford? How can you not like their compensation system?

Radford uses a compensation program whereby if you meet only 3 of your 7 objectives like Dan and John,that you still qualify for 72% of your bonus. How can you not like a program like that when you're as incompetent as those two. Maybe they're smarter than we give them credit for. It states the compensation commitee is comprised of independant members and it includes Dobranowski. He is independant but how did he become a board member? Why is our largest shareholder,Klaus von Lindeiner, part of this commitment and allowing this compensation to happen. Why do we need this commitee and also require Radford?

How come Moulds was given his salary of $293k for walking away on his own accord? Are we really sure that we're not making money at NUVO. No seriously, shoudn't this be investigated?

All abroad the gravey train... I hear Ford maybe looking for employment and we couldn't do any worst.