I have made a painstaking effort to review this 1000 page  + report to see the good news about Pennsaid. There seems to be very little. It gets mentioned almost as an afterthought.

I could not find the clinical trial outcomes that show Pennsaid as equal to oral NSAID (it might be there but I could not afford the time, paper or printer toner to print the whole document). It seemed to me that all comparisions were between active agent and placebo, which begs the important question of the quoted P advantage over other topicals.

I'm sure that Galer has had enough time and resources to have surfaced any quotable reference to Pennsaid: since there has been no announcement I expect there was none. It's possible that this is one reason why the AGM was delayed: Nuvo could have expected a more positive outcome. That being the case they would have had good news and a probable uptick in SP before their judgment day.

One more week for a miracle.