I guess I'm one of the luckier longs. I first 'invested' in this company in the immediate aftermath of the carboys massacre of Rebecca. I was confident in their promises of better things to come (forgot to ask for whom): happy with their apparent desire to 'keep the stakeholders informed': positively joyful with their resolve to eliminate share dilution: ecstatic at their professed abilities to speed up the FDA process, and so much more.

My question at the AGM will focus on how well they consider they've done in keeping those 'promises' to me. I am a lucky 'medium long' hence the decline in my Nuvo 'investment' is limited to only 95%. Close to a years worth of inflated salary (for just one of our 2 CEO's) has been taken out of my, personal, hide. Needless to say it has left a very sore patch that I intend to salve at the AGM.

Even carjockeys have to surface once a year. This is an opportunity not to be missed.