I strongly suggest that shareholders vote their shares via the internet if they can not attend the AGM in person.

If you would like to have someone vote your shares you can appoint them to act on your behalf. In fact you can vote on any or all of the resolutions listed and still designate someone else to act on your behalf - they will have the power to vote on any issue you did not vote on and they can also vote your shares on any motion or resolution arising at the meeting.

I have been approached by a few shareholders to be their appointee and I have agreed to do this for them. I am not actively soliciting proxies (yet) but if you want someone to represent you at the AGM I will be willing to do this for you. Simply send me a private message through Stockhouse and I will advise how to get in touch with me by e-mail and how to make it happen.

Again you can pre-vote any or all of the resolutions on the agenda and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes over the internet. All you need is your 12 digit control number that is on the Voting Instruction Form that was mailed out by your brokerage house along with the Notice of the Annual Meeting. It is time for shareholders to take back their company - use this AGM vote as practice.