Dear fellow Dimethaid Nuvo Research shareholder:

When is it time to say “enough is enough”? We are a group of concerned long-term shareholders of Dimethaid/Nuvo Research who collectively own approximately 10 times as many shares of Dimethaid Nuvo Research as the current CEO and other board members of the company – and have watched the value of our shares plummet from over $14 in 2000 to their current value of  approximately 30¢ 0.02c We have fretted over the company’s insatiable appetite for cash that has both diluted our equity and led to the company’s current financial position. In our view, any way you look at it, Dimethaid Nuvo Research has failed to meet its potential; however, the board of directors has not taken appropriate action, which is to effect a change in management.

We believe that the only way to save our investment and turn things around at the company is to elect a new board of directors that will immediately replace the current CEO and revitalize the management team.