I am half tempted to fly up to Canada and break out a can of whoop a&$ !!!  If these clowns are granted their compensation for doing and performing NOTHING, that should be their pay day - NOTHING !!!  I run a successful business for the better part of 20 years and times are tough.  If I were to award myself $750,000 for producing nothing, that's just what I'd get "NOTHING"  maybe because I'm fiscally responsible and accountable, unlike our Co - CEO's, BOD  and most surprisingly - Galer who knows the realities of Big Pharma.  I really can't believe he's been idle with what's been going on !!!

Our pre split price is .0275 per share.... Will someone PLEASE explain to me how it is even possible to rationalize bonuses and complete compensation ?!?!?  I for one have lost  86% of my investment and am beyond Pi$&ed !!!!! 

There will be accountability and for the record, they will be exposed....  Sadly, I still believe the only person who can turn this around is Brad Galer and I am ever so convinced that he is merely being puppeteered by the venomous CEO's and the BOD......

just my opinion