Thanks Consultant, the excepts below caught my attention. If they issue preference share, I assume that my investment in this company will end up close to zero.  Not a good feeling after all these years.


Dilution from Further Equity Financing and Declining Share Price

If the Company raises additional funding or completes an acquisition or merger by issuing additional equity securities, such issuance may substantially dilute the interests of shareholders of the Company and reduce the value of their investment. The market price of the Company’s common shares could decline as a result of issuances of new shares or sales by existing shareholders of common shares in the market or the perception that such sales could occur. Sales by shareholders might also make it more difficult for the Company itself to sell equity securities at a time and price that it deems appropriate

Issue of Preference Shares

The Company’s Board of Directors has the authority to issue undesignated preference shares in one or more series and, before issue, to fix the designation of, and the rights and restrictions attached to, the preference shares of each series, without consent from holders of common shares. Preference shares could be issued with voting, dividend, liquidation, dissolution, winding-up and other rights superior to those of the holders of common shares.