You are 100% correct JTP11.

This is a company being groomed for a take over by PLB.

It's common practice for them.

I had the misfortune to be holding DDS when they took it over for a song.

They basically were paid to take the company.

DDS had 27 million in the bank at the time. 

As shareholders we received about 14 million of that. PLB got the rest.

I was willing to see the company bought out for the offer

But wanted a special dividend to use up the money in the bank

But of course that was a no go.

There will be no consolidating of the 2 companies as paddypower was suggesting.

NRI will be eaten by PLD and shareholders will get little

And will have no choice in the matter

Why do you think PLB has hit $50 plus?

They were at $10 when they started selling pennsaid for NRI

If only everyone had sold their NRI and bought PLB

What is even worse once the company is gone

There is no way shareholders can converse or exchange info

No longer a BB.

No longer listed on sites like G&M